My name’s Dan. I do design, custom lettering and illustration, not copywriting. So I hired a copywriter to write my About page, but he spent the whole time watching cat videos on the internet instead of writing about my 20 years’ experience in the industry. He completely ignored all the stuff I told him about the importance of custom lettering and how it can create a more expressive, unique and ownable identity. I told him about my experience with large and small agencies, and how my focus is always on strong ideas and beautiful craft. But apparently cats are more important than that. Especially the one where that cat tries to jump but it slips and then does that funny sky-dive.

What can I do for you?

Design & branding

From bespoke logos and logotypes to full identity systems, to books, posters or album covers. I can help you get to the essence of what you’re about, and express it with a cohesive solution that’s unique, relevant, and crucially – ‘ownable’.

  • Logos
  • Identity systems
  • Brand style guides
  • Packaging
  • Posters
  • Album covers
  • Book design

Custom lettering

I grew up immersed in the lettering work of my late father, and have been fascinated by letterforms ever since. Anyone can use a typeface for their logo (and they do). Custom lettering can help make your brand or project truly unique.

  • Bespoke logotypes
  • Packaging
  • Signage & murals
  • Book covers
  • Editorial covers
  • Greetings cards
  • Commissioned art


Illustration can help develop a unique visual language to set your brand apart. It can be colourful, playful, emotional and expressive.

  • Infographics & icons
  • Character design
  • Portraiture
  • Posters & murals
  • Book covers
  • Editorial covers
  • Commissioned art
“It’s always a pleasure working with Dan. His original ideas and very personal approach, makes him stand out from the crowd as an exceptional talent in a highly competitive industry.”
Julie Besbrode – Group Chief Executive, Fresh
“If you need an incredibly talented designer, please look elsewhere—we struggle to get enough of Dan’s time as it is!”
Rupert Hunt – Founder of SpareRoom
“The best initial ideas presentation I have ever seen.”
Jo Jessop – Communications Manager, CapeUK
“We commissioned Dan to letter a poster where the whole premise hinged on a beautifully crafted execution. Dan took our scribble and brought it to life with an elegantly crafted piece of work that really does embody the essence of the idea. Top job.”
Martyn Hayes – Director of Craft, Elmwood
“All our stakeholders are proud of our new visual identity... the extent to which it has been embraced by every single member of The Art House, without exception, is testament to the success of Dan’s work with us.”
June Russell – Projects Officer, The Art House
“I work with a lot of artists on daily basis and Dan is definitely one of my favourite I have encountered during my career. Professional but also a delight to work with.”
Katri Haycock – Art Director, Papyrus
“Dan has always been great at turning what we need into a reality—even when we don’t necessarily know what we need or can’t explain it very well.”
Matt Hutchinson – Communications Director, SpareRoom
“Dan fully invested himself in our project becoming a creative partner that pushed us into directions that we hadn’t even imagined. The end product is something I am tremendously proud of. He absolutely nailed it.”
Steve Chambers – The Humberhead Levels

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