Men of Letters

Exhibition logotype for ‘Men of Letters’ – a joint retrospective celebrating the lives and work of two of the lettering world’s great unsung heroes, my father, Tony Forster and his former student and life-long friend, Phill Grimshaw.  It is possibly the most extensive exhibition of hand lettering and calligraphy ever displayed in the UK.

Forster was described by Tony DiSpigna as “The Herb Lubalin of England”, While TDC medal recipient, Colin Brignall, hailed Grimshaw as “One of the best display typeface designers of recent times.”

Most of the work displayed has remained largely unseen, as it was not produced digitally. In fact most of the work has remained filed away in plan chest drawers and storage boxes for many years. This exhibition reveals their sketches, mock-ups, final art works, original calligraphy pieces, typeface designs and original posters. All produced by hand. It has been over a decade in the making and is an extremely rare opportunity to see some of the incredible pre-computer methods used to create typographic and lettering works by two masters of their craft.

The exhibition is being staged in collaboration with Anthony Roocroft, Penny Ogden-Grimshaw and The University of Boltons School of the Arts, which was originally the independent college where Tony taught and Phill was a student. 

It runs from 8 February – 8 March 2020 at Bolton Museum. Entry is free and more info can be found here.

Further work by both artists is being shared on Instagram on the links below.

Men of Letters: Instagram Tony Forster: Instagram Phill Grimshaw Instagram:
Men of Letters Logotype by Dan Forster

Images of the exhibition coming soon...