The Humberhead Levels

Identity, album cover and associated graphics for The Humberhead Levelsthe brainchild of Steve Chambers; musician, poet, and artist. Formally frontman in The Peas, The Humberhead Levels is Steve’s first solo outing and he wanted to make a strong visual impact.

Mystery and intrigue, both notions from the brief and within the music, were conveyed onto the album cover through John Angerson’s striking image. A simple, yet bold colour palette was used across all applications.


Logotype & monograms

The Humberhead Levels Logotype by Dan Forster
The Humberhead Levels Monogram by Dan Forster

Posters & merchandise

The Humberhead Levels Billboard designed by Dan Forster
The Humberhead Levels Fly Posters designed by Dan Forster
The Humberhead Levels flyers by Dan Forster
The Humberhead Levels t-shirt by Dan Forster

Cinemagraph & website

Reoccurring themes of passing time, moments and memories within the music, were reflected in the visuals through the use of a Cinemagraph and animations on the website, which play out and grow as the music elapses. Listen to the music here.

The Humberhead Levels cinemagraph
The Humberhead Levels website by Dan Forster
“Dan fully invested himself in our project becoming a creative partner that pushed us into directions that we hadn’t even imagined. The end product is something I am tremendously proud of. He absolutely nailed it.”
Steve Chambers – The Humberhead Levels