Forever Manchester

A poster I created for the charity Forever Manchester to help raise money for Manchester communities. I was proud to be involved along with 30 artists in total. All the posters were auctioned raising a total £8,258.

Forever Manchester Poster by Dan Forster - Framed

About the design

Of the many things I love about the Manchester, a favourite has to be the contrast between the thriving modern metropolis, and the richness of its historical past. Victorian, Georgian, Roman and Gothic treasures remain gloriously present throughout the city. From the warehouses, cotton mills, churches, cathedrals and public houses, to the exquisite details and craftsmanship adorning walls, floors, ceilings, facades and indeed the streets themselves. Manchester has it all.

It’s interesting to me that the more the city booms around them, the more precious (and in some cases more prominent) these buildings and details become. I love that these treasures still remain with us, especially considering the rapid growth and development of the city.

My poster is a little celebration of this moment in time – with the old and the new Manchester cohabiting together. A city embracing the craftsmanship of the past while continually forging forwards in its own unique and creative ways.

Forever Manchester Poster by Dan Forster - detail 1
Forever Manchester Poster by Dan Forster - detail 2