Custom logotype for Floe, a digital creative agency based in Sweden, who specialise in web and app UX, design and product branding. Their approach aims to challenge the thinking of their clients, and they wanted a mark to reflect this. At the same time it needed to feel approachable and work across multiple applications and platforms.

Scroll down for a case study showing the conceptual process through to final design.

Floe logotype designed by Dan Forster

Stage 1

First round of concept sketches, based on the brief and references supplied. Early on we determined the backwards slant of option 8 was a favoured solution and answered the requirements of the brief (ie, to challenge thinking).

Stage 2

Development sketches, exploring differing expressive styles all with the favoured backwards slant. Option 1 was chosen to take forward, with the request that it should be bolder.

Floe Logotype stage 2 designs by Dan Forster

Stage 3

Further development sketches, made bolder and with refinements to the angles and terminals. Option 2b was deemed most appropriate for its more relaxed and approachable feel.


Stage 4

Finalising the mark digitally. Various refinements, optical corrections and adjustments were made to the vector art to achieve the best overall balance.

Floe logotype vector refinements by Dan Forster

Optical adjustments highlighted below: 1. Ascending top bar above the cap-height to give leading-cap dominance. 2. Cross-bar rotated back clockwise to reduce the optical appearance of the F falling too far backwards. 3. Terminal dipped slightly below the baseline to balance with the other characters’ larger surface area sitting on the baseline. 4. ‘Stepped’ ligature link which is also slightly thinner to prevent filling in at smaller sizes. 5. Terminal pulled back for optical balance.

Floe logotype optical adjustments by Dan Forster
Floe logotype, project review, by Dan Forster
Floe logotype, project review, by Dan Forster

Final Logotype

Floe logotype designed by Dan Forster
Client Floe